The high performer mindset checklist
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Written by Marnie Brokenshire

June 19, 2022

The ‘high performer mindset checklist’ has been curated from 30 years of observing leaders in action. I believe this list to be the key competencies that make the difference between a good leader and a great leader!


Every time I observe a leader in action and they are really good at what they do, I can tick off many of these traits. In the cases where the leader is really impactful, you will see ALL of these traits.

Use this list to do a self audit. If you think there are things you could work on, contact us now for a discussion. We have customised solutions and programs that will support your growth.

It is also a good exercise to use this list to assess your leader/manager. Do you see these traits displayed? If you do, think about how it inspires you. If you don’t, think about how it impacts you. I always say that observing your own leader is on the job development and teaches you the traits you want to emulate.

1. A goal setter

They understand the critical nature of setting goals to drive accountability and how goal setting is essential for success.

2. A “dunna not a gunna”

They follow through and deliver. Blue sky thinking typically ends up in action. They say they are going to do something and they do it.

3. An analytical mind

 Someone who always uses data and fact based inputs to inform thinking and decisions. They use their gut too, but never in an uninformed way.

 4. A burning need to know

They have a never ending thirst for knowledge and detail. Being informed and seeking to really understand, with a never ending enquiring mind, well, just makes you smarter!

5. Strong silent type

They are never the loudest voice in the room, when they speak, it’s worth listening to, they make space for others to speak and have an opinion, yet there is always an air of strength and knowledge, others want to know what they think.

6. An enterprising nature

They intentionally look for opportunities, to make money, reduce costs, innovate a new product or idea, create a learning moment for someone – always looking!

7. An ability to anticipate

They can pre-empt a problem, always consider contingency and able to visualise and articulate a sense of the future state.

8. Low maintenance

Can manage themselves, manage their own development needs, manage their own time and take care of their own problems.

9. Internal combustion

There is a drive, a motivation, a fire that is lit and it’s inspiring.

10. Talent for team building

They understand the need to bring everyone on the journey, the need to invest as much time in people as task, they don’t avoid managing people and they play to people’s strengths. They don’t play favourites.

11. A presidential presence

They can command a room, they have an energy and a sensibility that makes people want to sit up, listen and follow. Whether it’s good times or bad, you know you are in good hands, the energy is unwavering, never moody, negative or toxic.


If you want to talk about how to incorporate training for these traits and emotional intelligence competencies in your leadership development program, reach out.

You may also be interested in thinking more about your leadership development program and approach at a more strategic level, it’s always beneficial to explore programs that provide more meaningful growth and development.

As practitioners with years of in-house Corporate experience, we know the role of HR is hard, we also know that becoming strategic, influential and value add is a journey supported by mentoring. This is why we offer people strategy workshops and HR masterclasses facilitated by Marnie Brokenshire (30+ years corporate HR, 15 at C-Suite), and Nicole Mathers (10+ years corporate HR, 5 at senior management).  Reach out to see how we can support you.

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