HR Masterclasses

HR Masterclasses are designed to provide advanced learning to experienced HR Practitioners seeking to hone their craft.

Facilitated by HR Leaders who have led HR teams, developed leaders, and been responsible for developing and delivering strategy and driving operational excellence, our masterclasses challenge the status quo and deliver meaningful, useful learning.

The constantly moving landscape of business and employee expectations means HR leaders are stepping up their game to ensure the necessary knowledge and skill to strengthen organisational capability, culture and performance.  Commercial, influential HR practitioners are undeniably a competitive advantage for business success.

Influencing for Impact

1 Day Workshop
We guide your HR team to build or enhance credibility, commerciality and adaptability for greater influence and impact in leading change.

A voice at the table is crucial.

HR is one of the few disciplines where position power is not required to drive meaningful impact.  We will demonstrate how to tap into and leverage “people power” instead of relying on “position power”.

This masterclass shares our proven model for designing effective influencing strategies for all HR change initiatives or challenges including understanding context, power analysis, setting objectives, developing strong narratives and deciding the best tactics to use.

A game changer for all HR practitioners.

For HR Leads, OD and Change Practitioners.

Emotional Intelligence for HR

1 Day Workshop

Emotional Intelligence is an HR Practitioner’s superpower.

Whether a refresher, or new, self awareness, regulation and increased empathy and relationship skills are fundamental for effectiveness.

Our Emotional Intelligence Model for HR Practitioners will highlight the core competencies for exceptional practice.

Our model prioritises self awareness, self regulation for wellbeing and social awareness for productive relationships.

This masterclass provides a lens for HR effectiveness to heighten capability and be more authentic, effective and impactful.

For all Practitioners.

Commercial and Financial Intelligence for HR

1 Day Workshop
Economic, financial and commercial awareness is essential for all HR Practitioners.

HR training alone is not enough.

In this masterclass we provide an overview of economics and finance and how to understand the implications for your HR Strategy.

The connectivity of revenue, cost, the market and the customer is the basis for all HR practice.

Gain the insights and tools to ensure a commercial approach to HR, strategic planning and decision making.

For HR Leads and experienced HR Practitioners.

Storytelling for HR

1 Day Workshop

One of the most powerful ways to engage and lead change is through storytelling.

We will guide your HR teams in the use of adaptive storytelling for transformational change.

In this masterclass we share our tried and tested model for building storytelling into implementation planning, communication planning and everyday activity.

Our storytelling methodology will provide you with the tools and insight to influence, engage, sell, ignite and inspire your audience.

For HR Practitioners and change agents.

6 C's High Impact HR ©

1 Day Workshop

We guide HR teams to hone the sphere of impact using our unique model to better navigate growth and change.

High impact HR drives high performance outcomes, is value-add, commercially aligned and more rewarding.

In this masterclass, we share the 6 core competencies that will deliver a holistic approach to navigating change and growth for substantive and meaningful impact.

Our adaptive model for impact built on emotional intelligence competencies, coupled with proven experience, will support you to manage self, and deliver meaningful and lasting outcomes.

Our approach will provide the insights and tools to be a high performing, high impact HR function.

For HR Leads and teams.

Reactive to Proactive

1 Day Workshop

HR can get stuck in a rut – reactive, not proactive and the same old.

We guide you through our experience of the HR practice and policy that gets in the way of a proactive, commercially aligned, value add HR service.

In this masterclass, we share proven tactics for discarding HR practices that are redundant, lack diversity and inclusion, and are unknowingly working against the strategy and the culture.

This workshop is serious but fun, we take a good hard look at the things we know give HR a bad wrap and why, but also serious. If your HR purpose has lost its way and needs to be disrupted, this is the workshop for you and your team.

For HR Leads and experienced HR Practitioners.

HR Branding ©

1 Day Workshop
Harnessing the power of fundamental marketing principles to drive greater connectivity to HR initiatives works.

Brand reputation and credibility deliver powerful outcomes.

In this masterclass we share our success with applying the 7 core marketing principles to HR functions. From branding the HR function itself, branding individual HR & OD initiatives creating a platform for internal and external promotion that unites and ignites.  We turn the perception of the HR function on it’s head with our branding approach – it’s innovative and it works.

Optimising your EVP, internally and externally has significant ROI.

Our approach will provide the insights and tools to build credibility, measurable accountability and drive value-add.

For HR Leads and experienced HR Practitioners.

Driving Leader Accountability

1 Day Workshop

One of the greatest challenges for HR is leadership capability and accountability.

We will guide you in our two most impactful strategies to ensure your strategies don’t fail because leaders don’t follow through.

In this masterclass we share our two proven tactics for driving leadership accountability in delivering the people strategy objectives.

This goes beyond leadership training, using EQ and IQ and HR influencing techniques to tap into motivating even the most reluctant leader to better manage people and programs.

For HR Leads and experienced HR Practitioners.

Why HR Masterclasses are worthwhile

Transform your approach.

Our specialised HR Masterclasses have been developed from 30+ years of in-house HR practice. We have failed and succeeded in a variety of complex environments and our masterclasses have been built on these lived experiences.

We are practitioners, not consultants, we’ve done the job and we understand from this experience how to have greater impact and results.

HR Practitioners must continue investing in our craft – it’s a lifelong learning journey!

Our people and culture high performance model incorporates the proven elements for high impact HR. Reach out to discuss our contemporary approach to these strategic initiatives and tactics.

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