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Our Purpose

Time for new.

HR Business Partner

When we started out, we learned the ropes the hard way! We found that the traditional HR models and practices just weren’t cutting it, and our “off the shelf” HR skill set wasn’t enough to make a real impact. Our formal education hadn’t prepared us for the real-world challenges we faced.

Out of necessity, we decided to challenge the existing norms, discard the established guidelines, and develop our own methods to support business to grow and value the inherent worth of people, and we have been doing it for more than two decades. Our methods have been tried and tested and proven to be different, contemporary, and effective in achieving desired outcomes.

Our purpose is to:

HR Business Partner HR Strategy & HR Masterclasses

cultivate excellence in HR practice

HR Business Partner HR Strategy & HR Masterclasses
assist HR in developing effective HR operating models and strategies that have a significant impact
HR Business Partner HR Strategy & HR Masterclasses
assist HR Practitioners, CEOs, Execs and Boards to achieve greater outcomes

Our Founders

Marnie Brokenshire

Marnie Brokenshire


C-Suite Executive Leader with 30+ years corporate experience, 15 years at C-Suite.  Click to read bio.

Nicole Mathers

Nicole Mathers


Senior HR Leader with 10+ years corporate experience, 5 years in senior management.  Click to read bio.


“Our HR team needed a reset. We had become reactive, not proactive and strategy initiatives were not being delivered. This course was invaluable to get us back on track”.

Chief People Officer - Melbourne

“Our HR team underwent an indepth review with Marnie and it was clear we had a lot of work to do. The ability to see through the feedback to making change was invaluable. We couldn’t have done it without the first hand experience of someone who’s been there”.

Director, Human Resources - Sydney

“We were struggling to move the dial on our culture initiatives, experiencing turnover and a lot of negative feedback. We are grateful to Marnie and Nicole for helping us to look at our approach differently, it was what we needed.”

Head of People & Culture - Melbourne

Support About Us

HR Network

Our clients become part of our network in which we share, brainstorm, fail and succeed. It can take a village!

Tools & Content

We have an extensive library of tools, content and resources to support almost all HR initiatives.

Coaching & Mentoring

We have a network of outstanding HR, Business and Life coaches to provide ongoing coaching or mentoring.