Our workshops are designed to provide advanced insights, challenge the status quo, break down barriers and deliver cut through. Utilising our own adaptive models, built around emotional intelligence principles, insights are delivered via sharing of failures and successes.

Facilitated by HR Leaders who have led HR teams, developed culture, and been responsible for developing and delivering strategy and driving operational excellence, our workshops challenge the status quo and deliver meaningful, tangible tactics and solutions.

Respond to an ever changing landscape of business and employee expectations with strategy workshops designed to support future focussed, contemporary, real world solutions.

Specialised Workshops

People Strategy

We guide your Executive and HR Leads through the building blocks of designing impactful people strategy.

Immerse yourself with real world experience.

1 Day Workshop (duration may vary)

The ever increasing need to drive performance outcomes, coupled with talent having more choices than ever before, and these choices being driven by changing needs, organisations must be at the forefront of defining their offering and delivering the kind of employee experiences people need to stay and thrive.

Strategies must be agile and responsive to the changing landscape, the ability to adapt to new and emerging aspirations, and be able to be responsive in a digital world.

We will guide you, using our adaptive Strategy model, to create a strategy that will:

• grow leadership capability & excellence
• attract and retain talent
• deliver professional growth and develop outstanding careers
• define and lift performance
• embrace diversity

For CEOs, HR Leads and people strategy developers.

Culture Strategy

We guide your HR team to understand the sphere of influence and the strategic tactics to deliver impactful solutions.

High impact drives high performance outcomes.

1 Day Workshop

We will work with you to develop a strategy and tactics to improve your company culture, or align teams to culture. This can also include an audit and evaluation of culture aspiration versus experience and an assessment of the alignment to the underpinning values and behaviours.

We work with our clients to generate and implement targeted solutions with measurable impact.

Our approach leverages the best facets of behavioural and organisational psychology using our adaptive EQ & Culture models to generate the strategic thinking required to effectively transform or enhance culture.

A healthy work culture not only enables your people to thrive, it is fundamental to high performing workplaces.

For CEOs, HR Leads and culture strategy developers.

Leadership Strategy

Far too often the approach to leadership development is segmented, disconnected and not grounded in strategic intent so it doesn’t get the desired ROI.

Don’t invest in leadership development without a strategy.

1 Day Workshop (duration may vary)

In this masterclass we make the case for the need for a defined leadership strategy before investing in leadership training.

We share insights as to why leadership training can fail without a strategy and the benefits of developing a company specific leadership model, identifying the specific leadership capabilities needed for the business’s growth agenda and life cycle.

Learn how this approach, coupled with a multi-modality training approach, both individual and collective, will drive greater leadership outcomes.

For HR Leads, teams and culture change makers.

Performance and Talent Strategy

Performance appraisal systems don’t work. We have developed a successful alternative to out of date practices that will revolutionise talent assessment, talent development, performance management and succession planning.

1 Day Workshop

In this masterclass, we share our playbook for Talent Management.

Involving all stages of the employee lifecycle, many typical HR practices are out of date or ineffective. Years ago, we abandoned performance review processes and after 25 years of learning, we have a workable model that will revolutionise the way you manage talent.

For HR Leads, HR teams and OD Practitioners

Culture Change

Approaching change with the same approach, change models and methodologies may be a mistake.

Incorporating emotional intelligence and situational leadership is fundamental.

1 Day Workshop (duration may vary)

In this workshop we provide a fresh perspective on leading change in organisations by avoiding common mistakes entrenched in out of date change management practices.

The workplace demographic, aspirations and needs have changed demonstrably, but many HR theories on how to manage change have not.

Gain the insights and tools to challenge the status quo and look to transform your approach to managing change.

For CEOs, Executives, HR Leads, HR teams and culture change makers.

HR Transformation

As the capability and effectiveness of your HR function matures, so does the need for future focussed thinking. We assess the maturity of HR and work with you to map a transformative plan for future focussed activity.

Continuous improvement is essential.

1 Day Workshop (duration may vary)

Our proven methodology for audit and evaluation, in addition to our experience in establishing greenfield functions as well as complete transformation of existing functions, ensures the most contemporary approach to HR transformation strategy.

Our approach will deliver a seamless and agile solution that integrates service delivery, talent management, performance and technology into the business to derive greater value from HR – driving both operational excellence and strategic impact and results.

For CEOs, HR Leads and experienced HR Practitioners.

Digital & Data Strategy

Information power requires balancing intuition and data and this is a critical requirement for HR. Avoiding trends and fads, and using reliable data sources is also essential.

In data rich environments, knowing what and why has never been more important.

1 Day Workshop (duration may vary)

We guide you to supercharge your strategy and tactical planning incorporating data and non quantitative intel into design. We will evaluate your data sources and identify actionable insights.

Whether you have invested in sophisticated HR systems or not, the ability to harness the myriad of data available to HR practitioners for informed decision making is endless.

Our framework ensures the right balance of data and intuition.

For HR Leads and experienced HR Practitioners.

Employee Experience Strategy

It can be the case that EVP strategies are not fully realised by the actual employee experience.

There is significant ROI from an optimised employee experience strategy.

1 Day Workshop (duration may vary)

In this workshop we cover the 6 critical components to enhancing the employee experience.

We share insights to enhance the overall journey and interactions that an employee has with an organisation throughout their employment lifecycle. Encompassing various touchpoints, from onboarding to offboarding with an emphasis on technology and communication.

HR can optimise the employee experience to create a more positive, healthy workplace culture, drive employee engagement, and ultimately enhance performance and success.

For HR Leads, teams and culture change makers.

Why strategy workshops are worthwhile

Different thinking.

Our People Strategy workshops have been developed from 30+ years of in-house HR practice. We have failed and succeeded in a variety of complex environments and our strategy models, including our high performance model pictured below, have been built on these lived experiences.

We are practitioners, not consultants, we’ve done the job, been responsible for developing and delivering strategy, leading teams and outcomes, and we understand from this experience how to have greater impact and results.

Strategy is hard to get right and even harder to execute. Continuous improvement comes from learning from others, external stimuli, challenging the status quo and your own thinking with a fresh perspective.

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