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Events for 2024 include open forum HR Masterclasses designed to provide advanced learning to experienced HR Practitioners seeking to hone their craft. Our open forums are provided for sole practitioners or those wishing to learn with peers.

Facilitated by HR Leaders who have led HR teams, developed leaders, and been responsible for developing and delivering strategy and driving operational excellence, our masterclasses challenge the status quo and deliver meaningful, useful learning. events

Emotional Intelligence for HR

Adelaide 20 June | Melbourne 22 August | Sydney 24 October |

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Emotional Intelligence for HR

Join us for the ultimate HR Masterclass where we’ll deep dive into the power of Emotional Intelligence and its impact on HR effectiveness.

Using real life case studies, our lived experience and group discussion, this masterclass guides HR practitioners through leveraging emotional intelligence for greater influence and impact.

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Course Synopsis

  • Principles of emotional intelligence.
  • The role of emotional intelligence in effective HR leadership.
  • Understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of people.
  • How to create an emotionally intelligent workplace culture.
  • Inspiring and motivating connection to HR strategy using emotional intelligence.
  • Identifying and nurturing emotionally intelligent talent.
  • Emotional intelligence considerations in performance and talent management.
HR Masterclass | Adelaide
HR Masterclass | Melbourne
HR Masterclass | Sydney

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Why HR Masterclasses are worthwhile

Transform your approach.

Our specialised HR Masterclasses have been developed from 30+ years of in-house HR practice. We have failed and succeeded in a variety of complex environments and our masterclasses have been built on these lived experiences.

We are practitioners, not consultants, we’ve done the job and we understand from this experience how to have greater impact and results.

HR Practitioners must continue investing in our craft – it’s a lifelong learning journey!

Our people and culture high performance model incorporates the proven elements for high impact HR. Reach out to discuss our contemporary approach to these strategic initiatives and tactics.

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