HR Consulting Services

We deliver the contemporary HR solutions you need to optimise human resource services, improve engagement, performance, capability and results.

Every solution is tailored to suit the specific need within your context, operating environment and growth agenda. One size does not fit all.

Contemporary solutions.

General Matters

Our expertise in HR can assist with all HR matters relating to employment including policy creation, remuneration, talent management, retention and performance management.

Audit & Compliance

HR systems and payroll regulatory compliance is essential. Our services include Award BOOT analysis and payroll audits that cover regulatory and administrative compliance and streamlining process and practice.

Succession Planning

We assist with a strategic planning process to ensure a smooth transition of leadership from one generation to another or from one key employee to another by identifying and developing talent and implementing strategies to transfer knowledge, skills, and relationships critical for sustaining the business’s success.

Investigations & Mediation

We are experienced in resolving internal matters ranging from informal and formal complaints of bullying, discrimination & harassment, to conducting investigations into difficult relationships or disputes, policy breaches and governance matters.  Courses of action include mediation, resolution, recommendations for change, legal and future risk mitigation. 

Coaching & Mentoring

Our consultants, and our extended network, includes highly regarded business leads and accredited coaches to match you with a perfect fit coach to meet your goals or focus on specific concerns.

We also provide mentoring solutions to implement a successful mentoring program.

Remuneration & Reward

We are qualified to develop a remuneration strategy and provide policies for Board Remuneration Committees. This can include benchmarking, short and long term incentive plans for private & listed entities including the provision of equity.

We can guide the development of financial and non financial reward & recognition programs.

Employee Relations

We offer advice and representation in a range of employment-related issues, including workplace conflicts, terminations, employee complaints, investigations, and legal proceedings.

Positive Duty

To help you meet the new positive duty obligations, we have developed practical, adaptable solutions aligned to the AHRC 7 standards, with a focus on creating high-performing and psychologically safe workplaces.

Legal Matters

We offer guidance and representation in various employment-related issues, such as dismissals, investigations, terminations, and legal proceedings.

Our services also include advising on how to handle the intricate legal aspects of the employment framework in Australia.

Performance Management

We have a unique  approach to inspiring high performance using a strengths based approach.

Our performance review system is a game changer.  We also advise and support the process for managing poor performance including remedial actions and dismissals. 


Our expertise lies in enhancing your company’s internal communication methods

We have customised training programs for leaders to become better communicators and improve culture by providing greater clarity and transparency.

Data & Analytics

Data & analytics is core to understanding what works and what doesn’t.  If you are challenged with driving change, we will assess your data and provide you with useful analysis and recommendations to information strategy and change efforts.

Leadership & Culture

We are EQ Leadership Experts and have a suite of innovative programs to build stronger, high performing leaders and culture. Click here to visit Uncapped Potential – our specialist sister company.

Change Management

Our solutions are designed to assist leaders in navigating both intricate and straightforward change, embedding new systems and processes to enhance employee engagement and effectiveness. Minimise resistance, optimise acceptance.


Crafting employment contracts that are suitable for the current climate can be a challenging task.

Whether you have existing contracts or require new ones, we can review and tailored to meet your specific employment, industry and legal requirements.

Org Design & Restructure

We have extensive experience in restructuring hierarchy, tasks, and operations to effectively cater to changing market demands, economic downturns, or a shift strategy.

We assist in upsizing and downsizing and maximise the opportunity for improved culture and results.


Our methodology for workstream and process mapping is proven to identify redundant activity, automation gaps, inefficiencies and road blocks that are preventing optimal utilisation of your resources and job satisfaction. 

Contemporary HR solutions for proactive people management & planning.

HR Business Partner HR Consulting

Our know how comes from practicing HR in Corporates for a combined 50+ years. We know what is required to harmonise rules, theory and regulatory frameworks with the operational needs of the business. Our mandate is to find ways for the business to say “yes” and not HR policing that leads to “no”.  

Enabling the business with contemporary HR practice and commercial acumen is our game changer. Once you have worked with us, you will see the difference.

The case for data and analytics.

HR Business Partner

Our approach is unique and we leverage our expertise across many industries to understand the “what” and the “why”, incorporate data and analytics to understand the gaps and blockers, to know what works and what doesn’t and map a plan of action. This delivers true customisation to our clients as we have found “one size” solutions do not fit all.

Why you should work with us

Bold solutions.

Businesses need to adapt and evolve if they are going to thrive in the current environment. The impacts of labour shortages and changing employee expectations demonstrate the need for a proactive, contemporary and commercial approach that helps to future proof turnover, disengagement and gaps in productivity and performance.

Our HR solutions help you build a people framework that will inspire, motivate and create a healthy culture that invites people to stay and to perform at their best.